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Application of Accumulator in the Improvement of Broaching Machine Hydraulic System

There is a problem with the device:
⒈This broaching machine can be used to pull down and cut the connecting plane of Cummins connecting rod cover and rod. After many adjustments, the processed parts cannot meet the design requirements and achieve the following purposes.
⑴Rainbow rainbow force shape change link group is specifically four groups, in the 180° butterfly shape (group Ⅰ and Ⅱ) lens, clamped on the double-arm workbench, the workbench is controlled by the rack and pinion hydraulic cylinder to control the indexing and work Turning 90° of the table is the retracting station of the back plate of the broach box, and turning 90° is the broaching station. Each group can be installed with three sets (three covers and three rods), the hydraulic cylinder rotates and the parking space at the same time, the broaching station appears on the tire, the hydraulic system is injected, and the space is rotated, the workbench must be indexed, Hydraulic actions such as positioning lock and tightening.

When the upper connecting rod is broaching, the second group will perform very good connecting rod processing and clamping operations to be processed on the upper. Since the hydraulic circuit is not opened, the pressure of other circuits will drop when one circuit enters the oil, causing re-changes, resulting in a series of inflection points in the later and multiple changes in the force during the pulling process, stage installation appearance and dimensions decline.

⑵The pressure build-up time of the clamping cylinder is too slow. Due to the small capacity of the pump and accumulator selected in the hydraulic system, the pressure in the clamping cylinder has not yet reached the requirements after the worktable is rotated, positioned, locked and compressed. The clamping force is sufficient after broaching 5-7s, which will inevitably affect the positioning accuracy of the parts.
⒉Improvement measures
⑴ The clamping system adopts independent pump source for oil supply. A new hydraulic pump source is set up to provide two sets of clamping systems so that the pressures of the clamping system and the turntable system do not interfere with each other. The improved hydraulic system is shown in the figure.

⑵The clamping system is equipped with self-locking and pressure-keeping measures. As can be seen from the figure, the two sets of clamps are equipped with hydraulic control check valves and accumulators for self-locking pressure to avoid the mutual interference of the pressure of the two clamping cylinders; at the same time, These two methods can also keep the clamping pressure of the clamping cylinder even when the oil source fails, thereby avoiding loose parts and damage to the broach.
(3) Adding a pressure relay The two clamping cylinders are each equipped with a pressure relay to ensure that the broaching starts after the clamping pressure is reached. After improvement, the machining accuracy of the machine tool is significantly improved, and the matching deviation of the broaching connecting rod mating surface is reduced from 0.50mm to within 0.10mm.
Here, isolation measures are mainly taken to prevent pressure interference between circuits, and a constant pressure sequence action measure is taken to ensure that the clamping cylinder is clamped before broaching, thereby eliminating parts processing errors caused by clamping force errors.



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