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Accumulator Nitrogen Charging

  1. The accumulator must be checked before filling nitrogen.
      2. When filling nitrogen, it should be done slowly to prevent rupture of the capsule.
      3. It is forbidden to use oxygen, compressed air or other flammable gases in the accumulator.
      4. Nitrogen filling with inflatable tools. The inflatable tool is one of the indispensable parts of the accumulator. Used for accumulator inflation, exhaust, determination and correction of inflation pressure.
      5. Determination of inflation pressure:
      Inflation pressure can refer to the following values:
      (1) shock cushion: to the accumulator set point of the common pressure or a little higher pressure as the inflation pressure;
      (2) Pulsation damping: 60% of the average pressure of the pulsation as the inflation pressure;
      (3) Energy storage: the filling pressure should be determined in the range of 90% below the minimum working pressure of the system (generally 60%-80%) and 25% above the maximum working pressure;
      (4) thermal expansion compensation: the lowest pressure or a little lower in the closed circuit of the hydraulic system as the inflation pressure.Accumulator installation must comply with the specifications



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