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Advantages and disadvantages of piston accumulator

Advantages of piston accumulator:

  1. Long service life
  2. Only the seals need to be replaced, which is not only convenient to replace, but also reduces the cost
  3. Simple structure, convenient installation, convenient inflation and easy maintenance
  4. There will be no sudden accident. The piston accumulator has more seals. Therefore, even if the seals fail, the accumulator will not fail immediately
  5. The volume of piston accumulator is relatively large, and the pressure can also be set relatively high
  6. It can withstand higher temperature, and the temperature can withstand can be below 230
  7. Be able to withstand relatively large pressure fluctuations
  8. It is suitable for series cylinders or cylinder groups to greatly improve the effective utilization rate of volume

Disadvantages of piston accumulator:

  1. Due to the influence of piston inertia, the live accumulator is not suitable for high-frequency movement under low pressure
  2. The requirements for the sealing effect of the seal are very high, and the processing accuracy of the inner wall of the shell is also relatively high. If the workmanship is poor, it is easy to leak
  3. Compared with other accumulators, piston accumulators are heavier and priced higher

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