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Be Mindful of Preventing Vibrations While Operating an Accumulator

When operating an accumulator, it is indeed necessary to pay special attention to preventing vibration. An accumulator is a device used to store energy, typically used in hydraulic systems to balance system pressure, absorb pulse pressure, and reduce frequent pump starts. To ensure the normal operation of the accumulator and extend its service life, the following are some measures to prevent vibration:

  1. * * Correct installation * *: Ensure that the accumulator is installed on a stable bracket to avoid vibration caused by improper installation.
  2. * * Avoiding Resonance * *: When designing and installing an accumulator, the natural frequency of the system should be considered to avoid resonance with the operating frequency of the system.
  3. Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect the fixing bolts and brackets of the accumulator to ensure they are not loose or damaged.
  4. * * Use shock absorbers * *: Using shock absorbers at the connection between the accumulator and the pipeline can effectively reduce the vibration of the accumulator caused by pipeline vibration.
  5. * * Balanced System Pressure * *: Maintain the balance of system pressure to avoid excessive pressure fluctuations, which may cause vibration in the liquid column inside the accumulator.
  6. * * Use appropriate medium * *: Ensure that the medium filled inside the accumulator (such as nitrogen) is appropriate to avoid vibration caused by the instability of the medium.
  7. * * Control flow * *: Reasonably control the flow through the accumulator to avoid vibration caused by excessive or insufficient flow.
  8. * * Maintenance and upkeep * *: Regularly maintain and upkeep the accumulator, including checking seals, replacing worn parts, etc.
  9. * * Operation training * *: Ensure that operators understand how to operate the accumulator correctly and avoid vibration caused by improper operation.

Through the above measures, it is possible to effectively reduce the vibration that may occur during the operation of the accumulator, ensuring its safe and efficient operation. In any case, if abnormal vibration is found in the accumulator, it should be immediately stopped from use and inspected and repaired.



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