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Bladder Accumulator Construction

A bladder accumulator is a device used to store compressed air or gas, usually to provide an energy reserve or to smooth out air pressure fluctuations. It is typically constructed with the following components:

1.Bladder: The main part of a bladder accumulator is a soft bladder, usually made of rubber or other elastic material. This bladder is capable of holding compressed gas and has a certain degree of elasticity to accommodate changes in capacity under different pressures.

2.Shell: The capsule is usually housed in a shell, usually made of metal, which protects the capsule from the external environment and provides additional structural support.

3.Inlet/Outlet Valve: A capsule accumulator usually has one or more inlet/outlet valves to compress gas into the capsule or to release gas from the capsule. These valves control the inflow and outflow of gas to meet specific application requirements.

4.Connections: Bladder accumulators typically have connections to connect them to a compressed air system or other hydraulic system.

5.Support Structure: In order to support the bladder and shell, a bladder accumulator will usually contain a support structure, which may be an internal metal grid or an external support.

6.Fill Material: Some bladder accumulators are filled with some material, such as foam or cotton, to maintain the shape and support of the bladder.

The construction of a bladder accumulator can vary depending on the needs and design requirements of a particular application, but the components listed above are usually the core of its basic construction.



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