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Causes of Accumulator FailuresInsights into the Causes of Accumulator Breakdowns and Remedies

When referring to an accumulator, it usually refers to a battery or accumulator, which is a device used to store electrical energy. However, due to various reasons, the accumulator may malfunction or be damaged. Here are some common accumulator breakdowns and their corresponding remedial measures:
1、 Common faults
Low battery or inability to charge:
Reason: It may be due to battery aging, internal damage, or charging system issues.
Performance: The battery level drops rapidly or cannot be fully charged.
Reason: It may be caused by a broken battery casing, poor sealing, or excessive internal pressure.
Performance: Liquid or white powdery substance appears around the battery.
Reason: It may be due to excessive charging current, internal short circuit of the battery, or high ambient temperature.
Performance: The surface temperature of the battery is too high, which may be accompanied by an odor.
2、 Remedial measures
Low battery or inability to charge:
Check if the charging system is working properly, including the charger and charging circuit.
If the battery ages, consider replacing it with a new one.
Regularly maintain and upkeep the battery to extend its service life.
Immediately stop using the leaking accumulator and remove it from the device.
Clean up the leakage area and avoid contact with skin or eyes.
If the leakage is severe, it may be necessary to contact professional personnel for handling.
Replace with a new and reliable battery.
Immediately stop using overheated batteries and remove them from the device.
Allow the battery to cool naturally to room temperature.
Check if the charging current and voltage are normal to ensure that the charging device meets the requirements.
If the problem persists, it may be necessary to replace the battery or contact professional personnel for maintenance.
3、 Preventive measures
Choose reliable batteries: Purchase batteries from well-known brands and avoid using inferior or counterfeit products.
Proper use and maintenance of batteries: Follow the instructions and maintenance guidelines for batteries to avoid adverse factors such as excessive discharge, overcharging, or high temperature environments.
Regular check of battery status: Regularly inspect the appearance, battery level, and charging status of the accumulator, and promptly identify and address potential issues.
Through the above measures, the failure rate of the accumulator can be effectively reduced and its service life can be extended.



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