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Characteristics and Applications of Industrial Oxygen

zp Industrial oxygen is a common industrial gas with various characteristics and wide applications. The following are the main characteristics and some common uses of industrial oxygen:


Oxygen is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas: hydrogen is colorless at room temperature and cannot be directly detected by human senses.

Oxygen is an oxidant: Oxygen is an oxidant that supports combustion and can promote the combustion process. It undergoes oxidation reactions with other substances, releasing energy.

High activity: The high activity of oxygen enables it to participate in many chemical reactions, including oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions.


Metal cutting and welding: The mixture of oxygen and fuel gas (such as acetylene) can generate high-temperature flames during metal cutting and welding processes, used for cutting and connecting metal materials.

Oxidation process: Hydrogen can be used to promote combustion and oxidation processes, such as furnace air combustion and oxidation reactions in the petrochemical industry.

Medical use: Industrial grade oxygen is also used in the medical field to provide sufficient oxygen supply to patients in need of assisted breathing.

Water treatment: Oxygen can be used in the water treatment process to promote the decomposition and oxidation of organic matter in wastewater, thereby improving water quality.

Biological fermentation: In certain biological fermentation processes, oxygen can be used as a substrate for microbial growth and metabolism.

Oxidation-reduction reaction: Hydrogen gas participates in many oxidation-reduction reactions, such as oxidation reactions in oxidation furnaces and the production of metal oxides.

Glass manufacturing: Oxygen is used in the glass manufacturing process to accelerate combustion, reduce residual organic matter content, and improve glass quality.

Oxygen dispersion: In fish farming and benthic protection, hydrogen can be supplied to water through an oxygen dispersion system, which measures the dissolved oxygen content in the water.

These uses are only a part of the practical application of industrial oxygen, and its multifunctional properties make it play an important role in many industrial and production fields.



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