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Classification and installation of diaphragm accumulators

Diaphragm accumulator adopts a sealed steel shell and a rubber diaphragm. The accumulator is divided into two parts. One end is filled with inert gas and the other end is filled with liquid.

The energy of pressurized liquid is stored and released by using the scalability of rubber and the compressibility of gas.

Product classification:

This kind of accumulator can be roughly divided into welded type and threaded type. And their basic structure and working principle are the same.

The difference is that the welded structure uses the welding method to make the accumulator into a whole. While the threaded structure uses the middle nut to connect the upper. And lower shells of the accumulator into a whole.

Installation instructions:

The diaphragm accumulator can be installed at any position of the system, horizontally or vertically. The design of diaphragm accumulator adopts the way. The liquid end thread is directly fixed with the system. But clamp fixation is recommended in some poor environments (such as vibration and walking equipment).

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