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The role of the accumulator on the excavator

Many brands of excavators are equipped with accumulators. The accumulator is a device that stores and controls the pressure of the oil circuit. It is installed between the main pump and the PPC valve (control handle).

Its function is to keep the pressure of the control oil circuit (low pressure oil circuit) stable and when the engine is turned off, the working device can still be put down to ensure the safe use of the excavator.

The accumulator is filled with high-pressure nitrogen, it is very dangerous if it is handled in the wrong way (note that 1 can not drill holes in the accumulator or burn with flame. 2 can not weld any boss on the accumulator ).

Failure phenomenon

After the engine is shut down and stopped, the joystick moves to the “down” position of the working device, and the working device does not move. The reason is because the gas in the accumulator leaks. After the engine is started, the gas in the accumulator is not compressed, and the oil cannot be used as the control pressure oil to push the main control valve. Therefore, after the engine is stopped, the joystick is operated and the working device does not move.



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