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Common failure causes and solutions of accumulator

Nitrogen diaphragm damaged

The damage of nitrogen diaphragm often makes it difficult for the accumulator to bear the role of buffer and vibration reduction. When checking the accumulator, you can slightly press down the detection pin on the detection valve by hand. If it can be pressed down easily, it means that there is no nitrogen, and it is likely that the diaphragm is damaged. The solution is to replace the diaphragm and apply silicone grease on the edge to seal it.

The O-ring seal is damaged

Because the O-ring is generally made of rubber, it is easy to aging and fail after long-term use. At this time, the nitrogen pressure of the accumulator drops quickly or there is oil leakage at the sealing ring. At this time, it can be solved by replacing the sealing ring and tightening the nut of the detection valve.

Intake valve damaged

Before using the accumulator, loosen the intake valve nut every time nitrogen is charged. Therefore, the intake valve may be damaged for a long time, resulting in slow inflation or failure to inflate. The solution is to replace the intake valve nut.

Accumulator crack

The accumulator often works under bad conditions, it is easy to bring cracks to the surface, and oil or air leakage will occur. The crack is small, it can be blocked with special glue. The crack is large, it can only be handed over to professional maintenance personnel.

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