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Common faults of accumulator

Accumulators, as important components in industrial automation systems, may encounter some common faults during use. Here are some possible issues and malfunctions:

Leakage or leakage: The seals in the accumulator may be damaged or aged, leading to gas or liquid leakage. In this case, the accumulator cannot effectively store energy or maintain pressure, and timely repair or replacement of seals is necessary.

Pressure loss: The pressure of the accumulator may become unstable or continuously decrease, causing it to malfunction. This may be caused by leakage, valve failure, seal damage, or gas permeation, and requires inspection and repair of the fault.

Excessive charging and discharging: Excessive charging and discharging of an accumulator may lead to a decrease in its performance or even damage. Overcharging may lead to increased pressure, reduced capacity, or leakage, while over discharging may cause internal damage or performance degradation. Therefore, it is necessary to control the charging and discharging process reasonably to avoid excessive charging and discharging.

Material fatigue or damage: The internal materials of the accumulator may experience fatigue or damage due to long-term use or excessive pressure, leading to performance degradation or failure. This may include damage to components such as springs, seals, valves, etc., which require regular inspection and timely replacement of damaged components.

Electrical failure: For an electrical accumulator, circuit failure or damage to electronic components may cause it to be unable to charge, discharge or control properly. This may require inspection and maintenance of the electrical system to restore its normal operation.

Regular inspection, maintenance, and timely repair are key to ensuring the stable operation of the accumulator for these common faults. Meanwhile, appropriate operation and use can also extend the service life of the accumulator and reduce the occurrence of faults.



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