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Common inflation methods

Generally, it can be carried out according to the methods described in the instructions for the use of the accumulator and the instructions for the use of the equipment. The charging tool is often use to charge nitrogen into the accumulator.

Before charging the accumulator, make the oil inlet of the accumulator slightly upward and fill about 1 / 10 of the shell volume with hydraulic oil for lubrication. Connect one end of the charging tool to the charging valve of the accumulator and the other end to the nitrogen bottle.

Open the stop valve on the oxygen cylinder. Adjust its outlet pressure to 0.05-0.1mpa. Rotate the handle on the inflation tool. Slowly open the valve core of the inflation valve, slowly inflate nitrogen. And slowly open the air bag folded during assembly. So that the air bag gradually expands until the mushroom valve is close. At this time, the inflation speed can accelerate and reach the required inflation pressure. Do not fill the air bag at once to avoid rupture due to uneven expansion of the air bag during inflation.

If the charging pressure of the accumulator is high, the charging system shall equippe with a supercharger. At this time, connect the other end of the inflation tool to the supercharger.

The temperature will drop during inflation. After inflation is complete and reaches the required pressure, stop for about 20min. After the temperature is stable, measure the inflation pressure again and make necessary corrections. Then close the inflation valve and remove the inflation tool.

The accumulator needs to test 24 hours after inflation. And it also needs to test regularly in the normal operation in the future to check whether the accumulator has air leakage.

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