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Common Uses of Bladder Accumulators

Bladder accumulators are commonly used in hydraulic systems for various purposes. Here are some common uses:

  1. Energy Storage: Bladder accumulators store hydraulic energy that can be used to supplement pump flow during peak demand periods or provide emergency power in case of pump failure.
  2. Pulsation Dampening: They help smooth out hydraulic pressure fluctuations caused by reciprocating pumps, reducing system pulsations and vibrations.
  3. Shock Absorption: Bladder accumulators absorb shocks and impact forces in hydraulic systems, protecting components from damage.
  4. Volume Compensation: They compensate for fluid volume changes due to temperature variations or cylinder movement in hydraulic circuits, maintaining system stability.
  5. Emergency Backup: Bladder accumulators can serve as emergency backup power sources to actuate critical functions such as safety valves or emergency shutdown systems.
  6. Pressure Surge Control: They regulate pressure surges caused by rapid valve closure or pump start-up in hydraulic systems, preventing damage to system components.
  7. Auxiliary Power Source: In mobile applications, bladder accumulators can provide auxiliary power for functions like lifting or tilting in construction equipment.

These applications highlight the versatility and importance of bladder accumulators in ensuring efficient and safe operation of hydraulic systems across various industries.



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