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Cylinder classification

1. Classification by filling medium

(1) permanent gas cylinders, such as oxygen cylinders, hydrogen cylinders, carbon monoxide cylinders, etc;

(2) high pressure liquefied gas cylinders, such as carbon dioxide gas, ethane gas cylinder, ethylene gas cylinder, etc;

(3) low pressure liquefied gas cylinders, such as ammonia cylinders, chlorine cylinders, liquefied petroleum cylinders, etc;

(4) dissolved gas cylinder, such as dissolved acetylene cylinder.

2. Classification in structural form

(1) seamless gas cylinder the cylinder body make of steel ingot or seamless steel pipe through heating, stretching and closing, and the cylinder body is seamless;

(2) the welded gas cylinder body make by welding. Which can divid into two-piece assembly (the upper and lower cup-shaped heads assemble by one circumferential welding) or three-piece assembly (the upper and lower cup-shaped heads and the cylinder body assemble by one longitudinal weld and two circumferential welds).

3. Classification by material

(1) steel cylinder

Carbon steel gas cylinders, seamless gas cylinders with C ≤ 0.40%, welded gas cylinders with C ≤ 0.22%;

Manganese steel gas cylinder seamless gas cylinder material, including mu1 40% ~ 1.75%, the material of welded gas cylinder contains mu ≤ 1.60%;

Chromium molybdenum steel cylinder material contains 0.80% ~ 1.10% Cr and 0.15% ~ 0.25% Mo;

Stainless steel cylinders make of 8% Ni and 18% Cr, which are use for high-purity and highly corrosive gas cylinders.

⑵ aluminum alloy gas cylinder make of aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of excellent low-temperature impact performance, light weight, corrosion resistance and so on.

(3) composite gas cylinder a gas cylinder whose body is made of two or more materials.

FRP gas cylinder is a composite gas cylinder with metal material as the inner layer (cylinder liner), its outer side wrappe with high-strength fiber and plastic curing as the reinforcing layer;

Wire wound gas cylinder is a composite gas cylinder which is wound with one or more layers of high-strength steel wires as a reinforcing layer outside the cylinder to improve the strength of the cylinder.

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