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Cylinder definition

The regulations on safety supervision of special equipment include gas cylinders in special equipment for national safety supervision and management. The definition of gas cylinder is: the mobile pressure volume containing gas with nominal working pressure greater than or equal to 0.2MPa (gauge pressure) and the product of pressure and volume greater than or equal to 1.0MPa · L, liquefied gas and liquid with standard boiling point equal to or lower than 60 ℃.

In today’s society, gas cylinders are indispensable in both production and life. The wide application range, large quantity, miscellaneous varieties and large fluidity of gas cylinders are unmatched by other equipment and containers.

Most of the media filled in the gas cylinder are flammable, explosive and toxic, and even have highly toxic and strong corrosion hazards. A little negligence will lead to leakage or explosion, fire and poisoning at the same time, leading to catastrophic accidents. It has caused heavy losses to the national economic development and people’s lives and property.

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