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Cylinder inspection

Except for special requirements, all gas cylinders must be inspected for the following items:

1、 Whether the bottle wall temperature is abnormal;

2、 Whether the bottle body has bulge, deformation, leakage or missing inspection before filling;

3、 Whether the air tightness of the bottle valve and its connection with the bottle mouth (bottle seat) is good;

4、 Whether the form, material, condition and assembly of bottle valve meet the safety technical requirements;

5、 Whether the bottle cap (or shield) and shockproof ring are complete and intact;

6、 Whether the color mark and inspection color code are complete and meet the technical requirements;

7、 Whether the gas cylinder is within the valid service life of regular inspection;

8、 Whether the gas purity and impurity content in the sampling analysis bottle are within the specified range;

9、 Whether the measured gas pressure, weight, or pressure and weight in the bottle are within the specified range.

For the gas cylinder with fusible gold plug on the cylinder body, the inspection item of “whether the fusible gold plug on the cylinder body is intact and sealed” must also be added.

When checking the overfilling of liquefied gas cylinders, place them on the weighing instrument and pump out the overfilling liquid with an air pump. Refill the gas cylinder with insufficient filling capacity.

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