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Diaphragm accumulator(Ⅲ)

a.Model description

GXQ _ ※ / ※ _ ※

①    ②   ③   ④

① Name Code: diaphragm accumulator

② Nominal volume: 0.16 ~ 2L

③ Nominal pressure: 10 ~ 33mpa

④ Working medium: y-hydraulic oil r-emulsion

b.Structural dimensions

The main structure of diaphragm accumulator is to tightly fasten the two hemispheres.

And a diaphragm in the middle is used to separate the gas and oil in the hemisphere (both usually use nitrogen and oil).

Specifically, it is made of pressure resistant steel container.

Diaphragm made of deformable flexible material (usually made of rubber).

With closing seat, with closing seat, etc.

The internal structure and overall dimensions of gxq series diaphragm accumulator are shown in the figure below.

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