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Domains of Use for Diaphragm Accumulator Technology

Diaphragm accumulator technology finds extensive use in various domains, mainly due to its ability to store energy in the form of compressed gas and maintain a gas-tight seal between the gas and liquid compartments. Here are some key domains of use for diaphragm accumulator technology:

  1. Industrial Applications:
    • Oil and Gas Industry:
      • Drilling and production operations rely on diaphragm accumulators to stabilize pressure and provide backup energy for hydraulic systems.
    • Machinery and Equipment Engineering:
      • Used in presses, punches, and injection molding machines to provide rapid energy release and pressure compensation.
    • Modern Wind Turbines:
      • As mentioned in Reference Article 1, diaphragm accumulators play a crucial role in supporting oil-hydraulic systems in modern wind turbines.
  2. Technical Specifications:
    • Diaphragm accumulators can have operating pressures up to 350 bar, as stated in Reference Article 1.
    • The diaphragm material, which can be made from different rubbers, determines the accumulator’s suitability for specific applications and environments.
  3. Advantages:
    • Their compact design and relatively low maintenance requirements make diaphragm accumulators a popular choice.
    • The reinforced diaphragm material improves the accumulator’s durability and resistance to gas penetration.
    • Recent developments, as mentioned in Reference Article 3, include a new concept for the manufacture of diaphragm accumulators that reduces the need for components, shortens assembly times, and expands the product portfolio into additional fields of application.
    • The assembly concept relies on a hermetically sealed pressure chamber and the use of electromagnetic pulse technology (EMPT) for joining the housing halves and filling the gas side with nitrogen in a single operation.

In summary, diaphragm accumulator technology finds applications in various industrial domains, including oil and gas, machinery and equipment engineering, and modern wind turbines. Its technical specifications, advantages, and recent innovations in design and assembly make it a reliable solution for energy storage and pressure stabilization applications.



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