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Essential Safety Details to Keep in Mind for Diaphragm-Type Accumulator Operation

When operating a Diaphragm Type Accumulator, the following are some key safety details that must be kept in mind:
1、 Installation and Inspection
Correct installation:
Ensure that the diaphragm accumulator is installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications.
The interface pipeline should be tightly connected to avoid leakage or pipeline detachment.
Pre filled gas:
Only use inert gases such as nitrogen for pre charging, and it is recommended to use nitrogen with a volume purity of 99.99%.
Do not use oxygen or workshop air to prevent fires or explosions.
Comprehensive inspection:
Conduct a comprehensive inspection before installation to ensure that the equipment is not damaged or defective.
Check for leaks in the connecting pipes and ensure that the installation position and direction are correct.
2、 Operation and monitoring
Pressure control:
Use a pressure gauge or other pressure control device to monitor and control the working pressure of the equipment.
Ensure that the equipment operates within the safe pressure range specified by the manufacturer.
Equipped with a pressure protection valve to prevent equipment overpressure.
Valve operation:
Correctly open and close valves to avoid impact effects or pipeline overpressure caused by rapid opening.
Regularly check if the valve is working properly to ensure there are no leaks or blockages.
Operation status monitoring:
Regularly check the operation status of the equipment, including working pressure, temperature, and leakage.
If any abnormal situation is found, the machine should be immediately shut down for inspection and corresponding measures should be taken.
3、 Security protection
Using safety equipment:
When operating equipment, wear appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and goggles.
Ensure that the work area is clean and tidy, avoiding debris accumulation and tripping.
To avoid improper use:
Do not make unnecessary modifications to the accumulator or use it beyond its design scope.
Follow the operation and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer to avoid equipment damage or personal injury caused by improper operation.
The above key safety details should be strictly followed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the diaphragm accumulator and reduce potential safety risks.



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