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Essential Technical Specifications for Seamless Industrial Cylinders

The necessary technical specifications of seamless industrial cylinders mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Cylinder bore size:
  • Miniature cylinder: Φ2.5~Φ6mm
  • Small cylinder: Φ8~Φ25mm
  • Medium cylinder: Φ32~Φ320mm
  • Large cylinder: more than Φ320mm
  1. Piston stroke:
  • Piston stroke series are divided into three levels according to the priority of selection, the specific values need to refer to the relevant standards, such as IS06430, 6431 recommended tolerance table of the nominal piston stroke.
  1. Piston rod OD dimensions:
  • Piston rod outer diameter size series need to refer to the relevant standards, specific values need to consult the relevant standard documents
  1. Piston rod thread size:
  • Cylinder piston rod common thread size need to refer to the relevant standards, specific values need to consult the relevant standards document
  1. Thrust calculation:
  • The theoretical output force of the cylinder can be calculated by the formula F = P * (D/2)^2 * π, where F is the theoretical output force of the cylinder, P is the working pressure, and D is the cylinder bore.
  1. Operating pressure:
  • Working pressure is an important parameter to be considered when designing the cylinder, which directly affects the output force of the cylinder and the size of the selected bore.
  1. Efficiency:
  • Cylinder efficiency is usually around 85%, which means that the actual output force will be slightly lower than the theoretical output force.
  1. Use environment:
  • The environment in which the cylinder is used, including temperature, humidity, corrosive media, etc., will also affect the cylinder’s material selection and sealing design.
  1. Installation method:
  • The installation mode of the cylinder needs to be determined according to the actual application occasion, including fixed mode and connection mode.
  1. Maintenance and life:
    • Maintenance intervals and life expectancy of cylinders are also important technical specifications, which are related to the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the equipment.

When selecting a cylinder, the above technical specifications should be considered in the light of the requirements of the actual application, such as the size, shape and quality of the workpiece, the purpose of use, the size of the clamping force, the distance from the point of clamping, the amount of outward reach and the stroke, etc., in order to ensure that the cylinder can meet the requirements of the particular industrial application. At the same time, factors such as the efficiency of the cylinder, working pressure, and the environment in which it is used should also be taken into account to ensure the performance and life of the cylinder. In Hebei, you may also need to consider local climatic conditions and industrial standards to ensure that the selected cylinder can adapt to the local usage environment.



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