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Forms of Construction for Steel Gas Cylinders Without Seams

Steel gas cylinders without seams are typically constructed using one of the following methods:

1. Deep Drawing: This process involves forming a cylindrical shape from a flat sheet of steel using a series of forming dies. The steel sheet is drawn into a cup-shaped form, and then further drawn and shaped to achieve the desired cylinder dimensions. Deep drawing allows for the creation of seamless cylinders with uniform thickness.

2. Spun Construction: In this method, a steel disc or blank is placed on a rotating mandrel, and pressure is applied to the blank while it rotates. The pressure causes the steel to flow and take the shape of the mandrel, forming a seamless cylinder. Spun construction is often used for manufacturing seamless cylinders with larger diameters.

3. Forging: Forging involves shaping metal by applying localized compressive forces using hammering, pressing, or rolling processes. In the context of steel cylinders, forging can be used to create seamless cylinders by shaping a solid cylindrical billet of steel into the desired form. This method is often employed for heavy-duty or high-pressure applications.

Each of these methods has its advantages and limitations, depending on factors such as the intended use of the cylinder, desired dimensions, and production efficiency.



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