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Function of diaphragm accumulator

The diaphragm accumulator adopts a sealed steel shell and a rubber diaphragm, dividing the accumulator into two parts. One end is filled with inert gas (nitrogen), and the other end is filled with liquid. Utilizing the energy of pressurized liquids for storage and release, energy accumulators can be used for emergency or rapid energy storage, hydraulic pipeline absorption of impacts, absorption of pump pulsation, leakage compensation, hydraulic springs, and transmission of different fluids.

Diaphragm accumulator is an energy storage device in hydraulic pneumatic systems. It converts the energy in the system into compressed energy or potential energy at the appropriate time for storage. When the system needs it, it then converts the compressed energy or potential energy into hydraulic or pneumatic energy and releases it to replenish the system.

The main purpose is to reduce the power of the motor and the flow rate of the oil pump. There are many types of accumulators, and their working principles are different. At the same time, the installation diagram has different forms according to different products It is recommended to choose airbag type accumulator and diaphragm type accumulator for energy storage.

For systems using water as a medium, airbag type or diaphragm type accumulators should be selected because water can carry a lot of impurities, has poor lubrication, and can corrode the piston plating. If the accumulator is used to absorb impact and eliminate pulsation, choosing airbag type and diaphragm type accumulators is more effective



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