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Gas cylinder(Ⅰ)

Gas cylinder

Its refers to the gas cylinder that can be refilled under normal conditions (- 40 ~ 60 ℃).

The nominal working pressure is 1.0 ~ 30MPa (gauge pressure)

A container with a nominal volume of 0.4 ~ 1 000 L.

Mobile pressure vessels for permanent gas, liquefied gas or dissolved gas.


There are seamless gas cylinders and welded gas cylinders in terms of structure.

Steel cylinders (including stainless steel cylinders) are classified in terms of material.

Aluminum alloy cylinder.

Composite cylinder.

Cylinders of other materials.

It is classified as permanent gas cylinder, liquefied gas cylinder and dissolved acetylene cylinder from the filling medium.

High pressure gas cylinders and low pressure gas cylinders are classified from nominal working pressure and hydrostatic test pressure.


The nominal volume shall not be greater than 1000L.

A portable pressure vessel capable of repeatedly inflating compressed gas without thermal insulation device.

Commonly used oxygen cylinder, acetylene cylinder, etc. Vehicle mounted natural gas cylinder.

The general volume is 50-140 liters.

Pressure 20MPa.

Outer diameter 325mm.

There are now two types, one full cylinder.

A circumferential full winding.

Winding bottle belongs to new technology.

Higher safety and light weight.

The winding material is glass fiber.

The main material of gas cylinder is 30CrMo.

Generally, the modification is placed in the trunk of the vehicle.

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