Gas cylinder(Ⅱ)

Inspection before filling

Before filling, check one by one, including:

a. Whether domestic gas cylinders are produced by units with “gas cylinder manufacturing license”

b. Is the color mark on the outer surface of the cylinder consistent with the specified mark of the gas contained

c. Whether the outlet thread type of the cylinder valve is consistent with the provisions of the gas contained: for the cylinder valve for combustible gas, the outlet thread is left-handed, and for the cylinder valve for non combustible gas, the outlet thread is right-handed

d. Whether there is residual pressure in the cylinder. If there is residual gas, qualitative identification shall be carried out

e. Whether the outer surface of the gas cylinder has cracks, serious corrosion, obvious deformation and other serious external damage defects

f. Is the cylinder within the specified inspection period

g. Whether the safety accessories of the gas cylinder are complete and meet the safety requirements.


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