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Gas cylinder(Ⅳ)

Cylinder modification

Used gas cylinders. It is forbidden to change the color mark at will. Replace with another gas.

When the user needs to change the type of gas contained in the gas cylinder, it shall submit an application and refit the gas cylinder according to the cylinder inspection sheet w.

For low-pressure liquefied gas cylinders, the charging unit shall verify first to confirm that the saturated vapor pressure of the replaced gas at the maximum service temperature of the cylinder is not greater than the allowable pressure of the cylinder before refitting

During cylinder modification.

The interior of the bottle shall be thoroughly cleaned and inspected, and the corresponding accessories shall be replaced.

And according to the provisions of GB 7144 gas cylinder color marking.

Change the space sample, color ring and color mark of the replacement gas.


Folding filling record

The filling unit shall assign a special person to fill in the cylinder filling record. The record contents shall at least include: inflation date, cylinder number, room temperature, marked weight of cylinder, total weight after gas filling, whether there are abnormalities, etc.

The filling unit shall be responsible for properly keeping the filling records of gas cylinders, and the storage time shall not be less than one year.

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