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Gas cylinder(Ⅲ)

it is forbidden to fill the gas cylinder under any of the following conditions:

a. Produced by units without “cylinder manufacturing license”

b. The original mark does not meet the requirements, or the steel seal mark is blurred and illegible

c. The color mark does not comply with the provisions of GB 7144 gas cylinder color mark, or it is difficult to identify due to serious dirt and falling off

d. With scrap mark


e. Exceeding the inspection period

f. Incomplete, damaged or unqualified accessories

g. The materials of the cylinder body or accessories are incompatible with the properties of the contained medium

h. The allowable pressure of low-pressure liquefied gas cylinder is less than the saturated vapor pressure of the contained medium at the maximum service temperature of the bottle.

The maximum service temperature of low-pressure liquefied gas cylinders used in China is 60C.


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