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Gas cylinder

Type of cylinder

Cylinders are processed according to different processing methods and Design pressures.

It is divided into welded and seamless cylinder.

According to the contained medium.

It is divided into civil liquefied petroleum, ordinary industrial and dissolved acetylene gas cylinder.

According to the design pressure, there are high pressure (300, 200, 150, 125kgf / cm2) and medium and low pressure (80, 50, 30, 20, 10kgf / cm2).

High pressure cylinders must be of seamless construction.

Welded gas cylinders are used to contain low-pressure gases.

Industrial steel gas cylinders are divided into four types according to inflation category and design pressure

Compressed gas (T < – 10 ℃) is 300200150kgf / cm2

Liquefied gas (t ≥ – 10 ℃)

High pressure liquefied gas (- 10 ℃ ≤ t ≤ 70 ℃) has 200150125, 80kgf / cm2

There are 50, 30, 20, 10kgf / cm2 and other types of low-pressure liquefied gases (T > 70 ℃, and the pressure at 60 ℃ > 1kgf / cm2).

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