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Gas loaded accumulator(Ⅱ)

Diaphragm accumulator

There are two hemispherical shells. A rubber film is sandwiched between the two hemispheres. Separate oil and gas.

The maximum pressure ratio is 8 ~ l0:1.

Diaphragm accumulators have the smallest weight to volume ratio. Responsive. The disadvantage is small volume.

Piston accumulator

The floating free piston is used to separate the gas phase from the liquid phase. There is a seal between the piston and the inner wall of the cylindrical accumulator. The recommended pressure ratio is 4:1.

Its structure is simple. Long life. However, due to the large inertia of the piston. There are reasons such as sealing friction resistance. Poor response sensitivity.

Gas and liquid have the possibility of mixing. The best placement of piston accumulator is vertical. It can also be placed horizontally. But be sure to keep the oil clean. Because too dirty oil will damage the piston seal.

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