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Gas loaded accumulator(Ⅰ)

Gas loaded accumulators include non isolated type, air bag type, diaphragm type and piston type.

Non isolated accumulator.

The gas is in direct contact with the liquid.

The accumulator includes oil phase and gas phase.

The accumulator has large capacity and sensitive response.

The disadvantage is that the oil absorbs gas.

Large gas consumption.

Components are susceptible to cavitation damage.

This kind of accumulator is rarely used now.

Airbag accumulator.

The utility model comprises a pressure housing, an elastic air bag, an inflation valve, a lifting valve and an oil port. The function of the poppet valve is to prevent the airbag from extruding out of the container after draining the oil.

The maximum allowable design pressure ratio is 4:1.

(the maximum pressure ratio is the ratio of the maximum working pressure to the pre inflation pressure).

The air bag accumulator has a large volume.


Not easy to leak.

There is a possibility of oil-gas mixing.

The best placement of airbag accumulator is vertical.

The charging valve is above.

It can also be placed horizontally.

However, be sure to select the appropriate inflation pressure and limit the maximum discharge flow.

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