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How dangerous are gas cylinders?

Gas cylinders are a type of pressure equipment with an explosion hazard, and the medium they contain generally has properties such as flammability, explosiveness, toxicity, and strong corrosion.

The usage environment is characterized by its mobility, repeated filling, unstable operators, and changing usage environment.

More complex and harsh than other pressure vessels.

Once a gas cylinder explodes or leaks, it often leads to fire or poisoning, and even catastrophic accidents, causing serious property damage, casualties, and environmental pollution.

In 2015, a student from a certain university in Beijing was involved in an explosion accident due to hydrogen gas leakage during an experiment.

Under the impact of the explosion, the iron cabinets and other furnishings in the laboratory were even knocked down downstairs. At the same time, several adjacent rooms were also affected, with varying degrees of broken glass and traces of fire on the walls.



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