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How Does a Bladder Accumulator Work? The Basic Principles

A bladder accumulator is a type of hydraulic accumulator used in hydraulic systems to store hydraulic fluid under pressure. It consists of a pressure vessel divided into two chambers by an elastic bladder or diaphragm. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pressure Storage: The bladder accumulator stores hydraulic fluid under pressure. This pressure is typically provided by a pump in the hydraulic system. As the pump operates, it pressurizes the fluid and forces it into the accumulator.
  2. Bladder Compartment: Inside the accumulator, there is a bladder or diaphragm made of an elastic material such as rubber or elastomer. This bladder is flexible and separates the fluid chamber from a gas chamber.
  3. Gas Chamber: The space above the bladder is filled with an inert gas, usually nitrogen. This gas provides the counterforce against the hydraulic fluid. As the hydraulic fluid enters the accumulator, it compresses the gas, causing the gas pressure to increase.
  4. Stored Energy: The energy from the compressed gas is stored within the accumulator as potential energy. This stored energy can be used to supplement the hydraulic system during periods of high demand or when the pump is not operating. It acts as a temporary power source, helping to smooth out pressure fluctuations in the system.
  5. Release of Stored Energy: When there is a sudden increase in demand for hydraulic fluid or a drop in system pressure, the stored energy in the accumulator can be released. This is achieved by allowing the compressed gas to expand, which in turn forces the hydraulic fluid out of the accumulator and into the system.
  6. Regulation: The pressure in the accumulator can be regulated using a valve connected to the gas chamber. This valve allows for adjustment of the gas pressure to maintain the desired pressure level within the accumulator.

Overall, the bladder accumulator acts as a kind of energy buffer in hydraulic systems, helping to improve system performance, reduce energy consumption, and protect against pressure surges.



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