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How to improve the safety of bladder accumulator?

  1. The viscosity and temperature of the medium filled in the accumulator should be consistent with the working medium of the hydraulic system.
  2. The installation position of the accumulator shall be reserved for future inspection and maintenance.
  3. When it is necessary to absorb impact and pulsation, the accumulator should be installed at the part prone to impact and close to the vibration source.
  4. Keep away from the fire source as far as possible. So as not to be affected by hot gas, resulting in pressure increase and accidents.
  5. During installation, pay attention to the direction. Generally, the oil port is required to be downward and vertical to avoid inclined installation, resulting in poor shrinkage of the skin bag.
  6. One thing that needs special attention is to install a check valve between the accumulator and the pump, which can effectively prevent the oil in the accumulator from flowing back to the oil tank and causing accidents when the pump stops.
  7. A stop valve should also be installed in the accumulator system. The function of the stop valve is to adjust, repair and inflate with force.
  8. After the bladder accumulator is installed, the filling gas is required. Generally, inert gas is required, and oxygen and hydrogen cannot be filled.

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