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How to quickly eliminate the fault of bladder accumulator?

The so-called bladder accumulator is actually an energy storage device. It can convert the energy in the system into potential energy or compression energy and store it. When the system needs to use these energy, it can be released at any time, so that the system can operate normally and stably. Once it breaks down, it may affect the normal use of the whole system, so how to quickly eliminate the fault?

Why does the skin bag have a short service life?

There are many factors that will affect the service life of the skin bag, such as the non integration of working medium and skin bag; The nominal capacity of the skin bag is inappropriate; The oil temperature used is too low or too high; When storing energy, the reciprocating frequency is too fast; Unreasonable installation, etc.

The pressure drops seriously and needs replenish requently?

The inflation valve of the leather bag belongs to a one-way valve, and it needs to rely on the sealing cone to achieve the sealing effect. When the leather bag accumulator is in operation, it is easy to loosen the valve core due to vibration, resulting in poor sealing performance of the sealing cone and air leakage.

Why is the effect of absorbing pressure pulsation poor?

The connecting pipeline between the bladder accumulator and the branch point of the main pipeline is short, the diameter is large, and it needs to be close to the pulsation source in order to absorb the pulsation pressure. If these conditions are not met, it will lead to poor absorption effect of pulsation pressure.

Why doesn’t it work?

The main reason why the bladder accumulator does not work is that there is serious air leakage in the air valve, resulting in no nitrogen in the bladder at all. In addition, when the working pressure is very low, the accumulator cannot play the role of energy storage.

When the leather bag accumulator use . If it suspect that there is a fault, it should check to determine that there is a fault. It can put into use only after the fault is properly handle.

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