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How to store steel cylinders correctly?

Due to the fact that gas cylinders belong to pressure vessels, the following precautions must be taken during storage to prevent injury caused by suffocation, fire, explosion, high pressure, and incorrect operation of compressed gas cylinders.
The following behaviors are prohibited:

  1. Storage temperature exceeds 52 ℃;
  2. Smoking or open flames in areas where oxides or flammable gases are stored;
  3. Expose the steel cylinder to a corrosive environment.
    Correct operating behavior:
  4. Vertical storage of steel cylinders;
  5. Fix steel cylinders during storage, handling, or use;
  6. Store steel cylinders in dedicated areas;
  7. Separate full and empty bottles;
  8. Store the steel cylinder in a dry, cool, weather resistant place, and away from combustible materials;
  9. Separate flammable or combustible materials from oxides by at least 20 feet;
  10. Monitor the air in areas where gases may be emitted and accumulated;
  11. Use a first in, first out inventory system to prevent excessive storage of full bottles;
  12. Store only the amount of compressed gas required for specific applications;
  13. Steel cylinders should be stored away from places where people frequently enter and exit, as well as emergency exits;
  14. Provide sufficient access for cylinder operation;
  15. Regularly or at least weekly visually inspect stored steel cylinders for any signs of leakage or issues;
  16. Restrict entry into the storage area for steel cylinders;
  17. Prevent the steel cylinder from coming into contact with damp or damp ground.



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