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Hydraulic Impacts Effectively Mitigated by Accumulators

When discussing the topic of “Hydraulic Impact Effectively Mitigated by Accumulators,” we first need to understand the causes of hydraulic impact and the potential damage it may cause to the hydraulic system, and then analyze how accumulators can serve as effective mitigation measures.
The causes and effects of hydraulic impact
Hydraulic shock usually occurs when the fluid flow velocity suddenly changes in a hydraulic system, such as when a valve quickly opens or closes, or when a hydraulic pump suddenly starts or stops. This speed change can cause a sharp change in the kinetic energy of the liquid, resulting in instantaneous high-pressure waves that can cause impact and vibration to the components of the hydraulic system, potentially leading to problems such as pipeline rupture, seal failure, and component damage.
The function of an accumulator
Absorbing impact energy: When an impact occurs in the hydraulic system, the accumulator can quickly absorb and store the impact energy, thereby mitigating the direct impact of the impact on the system components.
Stable system pressure: By adjusting the gas pressure inside the accumulator, precise control of the hydraulic system pressure can be achieved, reducing the impact caused by pressure fluctuations.
Protecting system components: The presence of an accumulator can effectively extend the service life of system components, reduce damage and maintenance costs caused by impact and vibration.
In summary, accumulators play an important role in alleviating hydraulic impacts. By absorbing impact energy, stabilizing system pressure, and protecting system components, the accumulator can effectively reduce the impact of hydraulic impact on the hydraulic system, improve system stability and reliability.



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