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Inflation method for diaphragm accumulator

Select inflation medium:

Choose appropriate gas as the inflation medium. Commonly used inflation media include nitrogen, gas mixtures, etc. Select the appropriate inflation medium according to the design requirements and working environment conditions of the diaphragm accumulator.
Connect the charging source:

Connect the inflation source to the inflation valve of the diaphragm accumulator. Ensure that the connection is secure and use appropriate connecting pipes and fittings as needed.
Adjusting inflation pressure:

Adjust the pressure of the inflation source according to the design pressure and capacity requirements of the diaphragm accumulator. Normally, the inflation pressure should be within the design working pressure range of the diaphragm accumulator.
Start inflation:

Open the inflation valve and start injecting gas into the diaphragm accumulator. Gradually increase the inflation pressure as needed until the design working pressure is reached.
Monitoring the inflation process:

During the inflation process, closely monitor the inflation pressure and capacity changes of the diaphragm accumulator. Ensure that the inflation process proceeds smoothly and avoid exceeding the design working pressure or excessive inflation.
Close the inflation valve:

After completing the inflation, inspect and test the diaphragm accumulator to ensure its normal operation and stable performance. Including testing for sealing, pressure stability, and other aspects.
The above is a general inflation method for diaphragm accumulators, and the specific operation steps may vary depending on different types of accumulators and the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. When inflating, please strictly follow the relevant safety regulations and operating guidelines to ensure safe operation and reliable equipment.



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