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Inspection of gas cylinders before filling(1)

Before filling, the full-time pre filling inspector shall be responsible for checking the gas cylinders one by one. The basic items of inspection and safety precautions during inspection are describ as follows.

1、 Whether the gas cylinder is manufacture at the manufacturing point with the manufacturing license issue y the labor department.

If the cylinder manufactured by the unit without manufacturing license ound. It shall be mark and story separately, the cause shall found out and report to the local labor bureau

2、 Whether the imported gas cylinders have passed the inspection of the gas cylinder inspection unit with the qualification examination. And approval of the labor department and the inspection license.

Imported gas cylinders found to put into use without inspection shall be handl according to one of the above requirements.

3、 Whether the gas cylinder is out of service or needs re inspection according to the documents of the superior or the manufacturer.

If it found that the cylinder out of service or needs to be recheck . It shall be mark and hand over to the regular cylinder inspection station for treatment according to the regulations.

4、 Whether the cylinder material meets the requirements of the nature of the gas to be fill .

If it found that the cylinder is seriously rust or the internal corrosion products not suitable for the cylinder to fill with gas. It shall be handl according to the first requirement above.

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