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Inspection of gas cylinders before filling(2)

5、 Whether the cylinder containing permanent gas and high-pressure liquefied gas is of welded structure.

According to the regulations of 89 bottle regulations, the gas of high-pressure cylinder must adopt seamless structure. The high-pressure gas cylinder with welded structure found shall treat according to the first requirement above. And the welded high-pressure gas cylinder manufactur early shall treat according to the third requirement above.

6、 Whether the modification of gas cylinders meets the requirements and whether there is any modification by users.

“Cylinder modification” is a new addition to the 89 cylinder regulation. And the 79 cylinder regulation only use for depressurization. There are two cases of depressurization. One is to reduce the service pressure by one or more levels without changing the filling medium. For example. If the original design pressure of the oxygen cylinder is 15 MPa. It will reduce to 12.5, 10 or 8 MPa. And the oxygen will still fill . The other is to change the filling medium for depressurization. Such as the original design pressure of 150kgf / cm ² Oxygen cylinder, reduced to 30kgf / cm ² Refitting liquid ammonia or Difluorochloromethane now call refitting.

In the former case. Because the appearance color of the gas cylinder not chang , it is only to punch the pressure reducing steel seal, so the pressure reducing gas cylinder often thrown and fill in the normal gas cylinder, which is very dangerous. In order to avoid this situation. The 89 bottle regulation clearly stipulates that the first pressure reduction allow in the 79 bottle regulation no longer allow . And only the pressure reduction after modification allow . At the same time. It is stipulat that the modification of gas cylinders can only be carriy out by the regular inspection station of gas cylinders. And shall meet certain requirements.

There is another case of cylinder refitting, that is, changing the filling medium without changing the filling pressure, such as oxygen cylinder with nominal working pressure of 15MPa, refitting nitrogen, hydrogen, air or carbon dioxide without changing the filling pressure. When checking the compatibility with the gas in the gas cylinder or other accessories, pay attention to the compatibility with the gas in the gas cylinder or other accessories.

If itfind during the inspection that the modified gas cylinders do not meet the regulations and modifiy by the user. The gas cylinders shall not return to the user lightly. But must handl according to the first requirement above.
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