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Inspection of gas cylinders before filling(3)

8、 Whether the gas cylinder is within the valid probation period of regular inspection. And whether the inspection color code meets the regulations.

Cylinders used beyond the inspection period canfind at any time in some areas. Especially in towns and individual gas plants, which is very dangerous. On July 9, 1988, an oxygen cylinder explosion accident occurred in a township ship dismantling factory in Dalian. The exploded oxygen cylinder manufactur in April 1985. And put into use after passing the re inspection by the municipal boiler. And pressure vessel inspection and Research Institute in June 1986. It sent to a township oxygen plant for inflation on June 31, 1988. On July 3, when checking the cylinder. It find that the cylinder had exceeded the valid inspection period. But itthink that the number of cylinders requiring regular inspection was very small. The cylinder would inspect again when it returned next time. So the cylinder was fill with oxygen with a pressure of about 13 MPa.

At 11 a.m. on July 9. The bottle was transport back to the Shipbreaking plant with 30 other bottles. And stack at the foot of the mountain. At about 12:30. The bottle suddenly exploded, tilted and flew to the back hillside 146m away from the stacking place of the bottle. Then bounced back and fell out of 17.8m.

And the bottle body was almost flat. Several other cylinders stacked with the bottle also shake away, one of which flew 149m over a house. A total of 10 cylinders were damag. When the gas cylinder explod, the employees in the plant had lunch in the canteen far away from the stacking place of the gas cylinder. So no casualties caused. It is not hard to imagine that the consequences of this explosion accident would be unimaginable. If it occurred not in the ship dismantling plant but in the filling room. Or full bottle storage warehouse of the oxygen plant.

The reason why the static pressure explosion accident of the above-mention gas cylinder can occur. At 13 MPa lower than its design pressure. The employees of the Shipbreaking plant lack the knowledge of the safe use of the gas cylinder. Do not close the cylinder valve after exhausting the gas in the cylinder. And the sea water poure into the cylinder. Under the action of chloride ions. The inner wall of the gas cylinder seriously corrod and the wall thickness is significantly reduce. The measure minimum wall thickness is 1,45mm. So that it explodes under the sunlight at noon.

From the above accident cases. It is not difficult to see the danger of using gas cylinders beyond the inspection period . And the necessity of checking the inspection marks. Therefore, it is requiry that gas cylinders exceeding the inspection period shall not be inflat. If the gas cylinder is find to be out of the inspection period during the inspection. It shall be handl according to the third requirement above.

The color code for the spray inspection of gas cylinders is the new regulation of 89 regulations. Which aims to make the inspection status clear at a glance and make it easy to find the inspection mark. There are five colors and two shapes of the inspection color code, which is a cycle every 10 years. If the color and shape of the inspection color code are find to be inconsistent with the regulations during the inspection. The gas cylinder shall be handl according to the third requirement above.

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