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Inspection of gas cylinders before filling(4)

9、 Whether the nominal working pressure mark on the original mark. Or inspection mark of the gas cylinder meets the filling pressure specifiy for the gas to fill.

Before the promulgation of the 89 cylinder regulation. There were a large number of high-pressure cylinders that did not change the filling medium and only reduced the use pressure by one or more grades. The most common are oxygen cylinders and carbon dioxide cylinders. If oxygen cylinders with pressure of 12.5. 10 and 8 MPa are use, carbon dioxide cylinders with pressure of 12.5 MPa are use. Because the color mark on the outer surface of this kind of gas cylinder has not chang. It is often mix with normal gas cylinder for filling, which is very dangerous. In order to avoid this situation. The 89 bottle regulation clearly stipulates that such depressuriz cylinders no longer allow to be use.

The reason why the above-mention depressuriz gas cylinders are allow to be use in the 79 bottle regulation. The supply of gas cylinders was in short supply at that time. Which was an expedient measure taken temporarily to meet the needs of the society for gas. At present, the supply of gas cylinders has been abundant. In order to ensure the safe filling and use of gas cylinders, this measure should be cancell.

In addition to the above depressuriz gas cylinders. It found many times in Jiangsu, Henan, Liaoning and other provinces. The working pressure of the low-pressure gas cylinders made in the Soviet Union. And Italy is 3 MPa and the depressurization is 30 kgf / cm ² Gas cylinder. Mixed with high-pressure oxygen cylinder to fill with oxygen. Which is even more dangerous. Be sure to pay more attention when checking.

If the nominal working pressure is found to inconsistent with the specifiy filling pressure of the gas to fill during the inspection. It shall handl according to the third requirement above. Recommended reading: inspection of gas cylinders before filling section I.

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