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Inspection of gas cylinders before filling(5)

10、 Whether the color. Words. Word color. Color code and other link marks on the outer surface of gas cylinders . Comply with the provisions of GB 7144-88 color marking of gas cylinders.

Over the past 10 years, the phenomenon of mixed loading of bottled gas has been common. Especially the explosion accidents caused by the mixed loading of combustible gas and oxygen are almost every year. Some of them caused machine damage and human deaths, and the houses collapsed, resulting in heavy losses. On August 29, 1988. The oxygen plant in Xijiao village, Chongyang Town. Chongqing county. Sichuan Province mixed a gas cylinder containing hydrogen into the filling platform. When the filling pressure rose to about 13 MPa. Two of the gas cylinders explod and the oxygen filling device was destroy. Two filling personnel die on the spot and one oxygen generator was injur. The filling room could blown into ruins.

For gas cylinders with new paint or local paint color difference. The new paint or different paint film must be scrap off to check the condition of the cylinder body. So as to prevent the user from covering the defects on the cylinder body with paint. In the past, in the inspection. It was find that users weld the circular opening of the bottle body with steel plate. Filled the depression of the bottle body with solder.

Riveted the perforation of the bottle body with copper plug or lead plug. Filled the scratch of the bottle body with oil putty or glass putty. And polished the welding scar on the bottle body with file or portable grinding wheel, etc. All kinds of hands and feet made by users in the bottle body threaten the safe filling and use of the bottle. Therefore, pay special attention to the bottle defects that may covered under the paint film during inspection. If defective gas cylinders are found. They shall be handl according to the first requirement above, and then handl according to the third requirement above.

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