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Installation and Maintenance of Safety Relief Device of Steel Seamless Gas Cylinder

The installation and maintenance of the safety relief device for steel seamless gas cylinders shall meet the requirements of the corresponding standards and shall meet the following requirements:
(1) Between the steel seamless gas cylinder safety relief device and the gas cylinder, and on the outlet side of the pressure relief device, no shut-off valve or other parts that hinder the normal operation of the device shall be installed:

(2) Before filling steel seamless gas cylinders, check the safety relief device for corrosion, damage or other external defects, whether the passage is blocked by sand, paint or dirt, and whether the fusible plug is loose or not. When there is a phenomenon that may cause the device to not operate normally, the gas cylinder should not be filled:
(3) The safety valve on the gas cylinder should be cleaned, inspected and verified regularly:
(4) Bursting disc devices (or bursting discs) should be replaced regularly (except for welded insulated gas cylinders and non-refillable gas cylinders). The assembled bursting disc device should be replaced as a set, and the service life of the bursting discs should comply with relevant regulations or The manufacturer determines, but it should not be less than the periodic inspection period of the gas cylinder:
(5) There should be professionals to replace the gas cylinder safety pressure relief device in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding standards.



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