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Instructions for use of piston accumulator

  1. The piston accumulator shall fill with inert gas, usually nitrogen. It is to fill with oxygen, compressed air or other flammable gases to avoid explosion.
  2. The accumulator shall charg with nitrogen after installation. When inflating, open the valves as slowly as possible to push the piston to the end (listen to the sound). If there is no abnormality, make the inflation pressure reach 80 ~ 85% of the minimum service pressure of the hydraulic system, and check whether there is air leakage.
  3. After the accumulator is inflat all parts must not disassembled or loosened to avoid danger.
  4. If it is necessary to disassemble the accumulator cover or move and handle the accumulator, the gas must discharg first, and it can be carriy out only after it is certain that there is no air pressure.
  5. Do a good job of regular inspection. Check once a week after the initial inflation, and then check once a month. Regularly check the performance of the oil and replace it.
  6. After 3 ~ 6 months of use, remove the end cover, take out the piston, check whether the “O-ring” and other seals on the piston are damaged, and replace them in time to ensure the sealing performance.

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