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Introduction to Threaded Accumulators

Structure: A threaded accumulator is usually composed of a cylindrical body with a threaded shell, which is equipped with springs and pistons inside. The piston is connected to the spring and is threaded to the housing. When the system pressure increases, the liquid is pushed into the accumulator, compressing the spring and storing energy.

Energy storage principle: The energy storage principle of a threaded energy accumulator is based on the elastic deformation of the spring. When the system pressure increases, the liquid flows into the accumulator and compresses the spring. The compression of the spring leads to the storage of elastic potential energy, thereby converting the energy of the liquid into the elastic energy of the spring.

Energy release process: When the system requires hydraulic energy, the liquid in the accumulator is released, pushing the piston to move and converting the stored spring energy into hydraulic energy. This process can provide the necessary power for the system to perform the work smoothly.

Adjustment and control: The pressure and capacity of the threaded accumulator can be controlled by adjusting the spring preload in the accumulator. Adjusting the pre tightening force of the spring can change the pressure and energy storage capacity of the accumulator to meet different application requirements.

Application field: Screw type accumulators are usually used in applications that require stable and reliable hydraulic energy supply, such as hydraulic machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, ships, and wind power generation devices. They are particularly useful in scenarios that require instantaneous high energy output, such as hydraulic impact tools and emergency stop devices.

Advantages: The threaded accumulator is relatively simple, has a stable structure, and is easy to install and maintain. They can also work under high pressure and high temperature environments, and have a certain degree of durability.

However, threaded accumulators also have some limitations, such as being less suitable for high capacity and performance requirements, as their energy storage capacity is relatively limited. When selecting the type of accumulator, it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of accumulators based on specific application requirements.



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