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Main components of piston accumulator

The piston accumulator mainly compos of three main parts: the cylinder barrel, the piston in the cylinder barrel, the end cover (flange) at both ends of the cylinder barrel, and other seals, compression nuts and other accessories.

  1. Cylinder barrel

The cylinder is the main body of the accumulator, which contains hydraulic oil and nitrogen.

  1. Piston

The closed end face of the piston bears the pressure of the working fluid and forms a combustion chamber or compression volume with the cylinder head and cylinder wall. The piston equipp with a piston ring or a gum sealing ring to prevent fluid leakage. The piston can make of cast iron, forged steel, cast steel or aluminum alloy. Both ends of the piston are respectively provided with a one-way valve

  1. End cap

The inner cavity of the inner end of the cylinder head body is successively provided with a retaining ring, a dirt retaining ring, a sealing ring, a shaft sleeve and a retaining ring; An O-ring arrang outside the outer end of the cylinder head body; One side of the cylinder head body is provided with an oil circuit interface; The key point is that a buffer seal ring arrang between the seal ring and the shaft sleeve. A buffer cavity connected with the oil passage interface is arranged on the outside of the retaining ring, a throttle valve connecting hole connected with the buffer cavity is arranged on the other side of the cylinder head body, and a buffer oil circuit is arranged at the inner end of the throttle valve connecting hole.

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