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Means of detecting the expansion pressure of diaphragm accumulators

Detecting the expansion pressure of a diaphragm accumulator can usually be done in several ways:

Pressure gauges (pressure gauges): Pressure gauges mounted on the accumulator allow direct reading of the pressure value. This is one of the most common ways in which pressure changes in the accumulator can be monitored in real time by means of a pressure gauge.

Pressure sensor: Using a pressure sensor connected to the accumulator, the sensor can convert the pressure into an electrical signal, and the pressure value can be determined by reading this electrical signal. This approach can be integrated with the control system to realize automated monitoring and control.

Ultrasonic detection: The pressure inside the accumulator can be measured non-contact using ultrasonic technology. The pressure value is calculated by sending and receiving ultrasonic signals and based on the changes in the signals.

Pressure switches: Pressure switches mounted on the accumulator can trigger a signal when a set pressure threshold is reached. This method is commonly used for alarm or automatic switching of control systems.

Gas Volume Change Method: The volume of gas in the accumulator is monitored to infer the change in pressure. This method usually requires the use of a sensor or measuring device to monitor the change in gas volume.

All of these methods can be used to check the expansion pressure of a diaphragm accumulator, and the choice depends on factors such as application requirements, cost considerations, and the need for system integration.



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