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Operating the Accumulator Safely: Key Points to Remember

Ensuring safety is crucial when operating the accumulator. The following are the key points to ensure safe operation of batteries, referring to the relevant figures and information in the above article:

  1. Precautions when using batteries
    Smoking and open flames are prohibited: When operating batteries, smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited on site to prevent fires and explosions.
    Avoid touching exposed objects: Do not touch conductive objects between the positive and negative poles of the battery, such as metal nuts and wires, to prevent short circuits.
    Take care of battery condition: Regularly check the condition of the battery to ensure that it is free from damage, deformation, or leakage.
  2. Safety measures for storing batteries
    Dry and ventilated: The place where accumulator are placed must be dry, well ventilated, and equipped with fire-fighting facilities.
    Stay away from ignition sources and flammable materials: Storage locations should be kept away from ignition sources and flammable materials to reduce fire risk.
  3. Safety precautions during charging
    Use protective plate: When charging the accumulator, it is necessary to wear a protective plate and keep away from flammable materials.
  4. Maintenance and Inspection
    Regular inspection: Regularly inspect and maintain the accumulator to ensure that there are no exposed connecting wires, and to keep it dry and clean.
  5. Precautions when assembling batteries
    Check the connecting wires and nuts: Before assembling the battery, check whether the connecting wires and nuts are properly connected and whether the exposed positions are tightly wrapped.
    Avoid short circuits: It is strictly prohibited to connect the accumulator heads and tails to prevent short circuits.
  6. Precautions when using soldering iron and hot air box
    Pay attention to temperature: When using a soldering iron and a hot air box, pay attention to temperature control to avoid burns.



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