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Overview of the Use of Bladder Accumulators

The bladder accumulator is an indispensable and important component in hydraulic components and plays an important role in hydraulic components.There are two kinds of uses about the bladder accumulator.

① When the low-speed movement of the load requires a flow less than the hydraulic pump flow, the excess flow of the hydraulic pump is stored in the accumulator, when the load requires a flow greater than the hydraulic pump flow, the liquid is released from the accumulator to make up for the lack of hydraulic pump flow.② when the shutdown but still need to maintain a certain pressure, you can stop the hydraulic pump and the accumulator to compensate for the leakage of the system to maintain the system pressure.
Bladder accumulator can also be used to absorb the hydraulic pump pressure pulsation or absorb the hydraulic shock pressure generated in the system. The pressure in the accumulator can be generated by compressed gas, weights or springs, and accordingly the accumulators are divided into gas, weights and springs. Gas accumulators in the gas and liquid direct contact, known as contact, its structure is simple, large capacity, but the liquid is easy to mix the gas, commonly used in hydraulic presses. Gas and liquid not in contact with the so-called isolation type, commonly used leather bag and diaphragm to isolate, leather bag volume changes in the amount of large, diaphragm volume changes in the amount of small, commonly used in absorbing pressure pulsations. Hammer type capacity is larger, commonly used in rolling mills and other systems for energy storage.



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