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Overview the Function of Bladder Accumulators

The function of the bladder accumulator is mainly divided into three categories of energy storage, absorption of hydraulic shock, elimination of pulsation and energy recovery:

The first category: storage energy. This type of function in practice can be subdivided into: ① as an auxiliary power source, reduce the installed capacity; ② compensation for leakage; ③ for thermal expansion compensation; ④ as an emergency power source; ⑤ constitute a constant-pressure oil source.
The second category: absorb hydraulic shock. Sudden direction change of the reversing valve, the sudden stop of the movement of the executive element will produce a pressure shock in the hydraulic system, so that the system pressure in a short period of time to rise rapidly, resulting in damage to the instrumentation, components and sealing devices, and produce vibration and noise. In order to ensure the absorption effect, the accumulator should be set up near the point of impact, so the accumulator is generally installed in the control valve or hydraulic cylinder and other sources of impact before the shock can be well absorbed and buffer hydraulic shock.
The third category: eliminate pulsation, reduce noise. For the use of piston pumps and the number of plungers less hydraulic system, pump flow cycle changes in the system to produce vibration. Installation of accumulators, can be a large number of absorption of pulsating pressure and flow in the energy in the flow pulsation of a cycle. Instantaneous flow rate higher than the average flow rate of part of the oil is absorbed by the accumulator, lower than the average flow rate part of the accumulator by the supplement, which absorbs the energy in the pulsation, reducing the pulsation, reducing the damage to sensitive instruments and equipment.



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