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Oxygen cylinder

First point:Specifications

Oxygen cylinder is a high-pressure container for storing and transporting O2. It is generally through hot stamping and pressing of alloy structural steel. The outer diameter is 219mm, the volume of common gas cylinder is 40L, cylindrical. It usually appears in hospitals, first aid stations and nursing homes.

Steel seal of working pressure, test pressure, volume, weight, etc. Are marked on the shoulder of the cylinder. The surface paint is sky blue. Write “oxygen” in black. Oxygen is blue in liquid and solid state. Therefore, The body paint of the oxygen cylinder is also blue.

However, the O2 in the oxygen cylinder exists in the form of high-pressure gas rather than liquid O2.

Second point: Pressure

The standard of gas storage capacity of oxygen cylinder is pressure resistance.

The upper limit of conventional pressure is 15MPa (MPA). Converted to atmospheric pressure is 147 atmospheres. The test value of withstand voltage capacity is 22.5MPa.

The pressure in the normally filled cylinder shall be about 12 ~ 15MPa.

Do not use up all the gas in the bottle. Retain the residual pressure of not less than 0.1-0.2mp.

Third point: size

The measurement unit of the size of medical oxygen cylinder is the volume unit: liter

Use “liter” to calculate the size of medical oxygen bottle. A 10 liter cylinder means that it can hold about 10 liters of water. The 40 liter cylinder can hold 40 liters of water. A steel cylinder that can hold many liters of water is called a ( ) liter oxygen cylinder.

The compressed O2 is filled into the cylinder. There are about 135 ~ 150 atmospheres in the filled cylinder.

The larger the volume, the more oxygen.

The pressure in the filled cylinder is the same. It has nothing to do with the volume of the cylinder. That is, whether in a 4-liter, 10 liter or 40 liter bottle. The pressure is the same when the bottle is full. If the pressure is the same, the volume determines how much oxygen the bottle can hold.

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